Grey is a brand born on Nantucket. If you haven’t been to Nantucket- Otherwise known as ACK (the acronym for the Nantucket Airport)- it’s a charming little island 30 miles out to see that pulls you in. You find your favorite places and you dream about them all year until you make your way back for the next season. You come back, you find your favorite places, you soak them all in and you find presence in every moment that you can. You leave, you share all of your favorite things to all of your friends who haven’t been lucky enough to soak in it’s charm.

Rinse repeat.

In the winter, most of the islanders travel. Near and far- to visit family, to chase experiences, to follow love, to run away from hurt, and then they come back to the little island that we all hold so dear to our soul to bring on the next busy season.

Grey is dedicated to travel and that feeling that you have when you explore somewhere new and it just sits with you. We want to share our favorite places and create things that are geared towards people who find those special little places and want to hold onto that good feeling all year long.

This year we’re focusing on expanding our destinations, working on collaborations, and sharing our favorite places in our new city guides.

Thanks so much for checking out our little slice of the internet and for all of your love and support.