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Deeply   Coffee

Deeply Coffee

Coffee/Places to get work done-

Deeply- Downtown- clean, hip, AND they have affogato aka-coffee and ice cream. Great place to sit and do work

Lineage- There is one on Mills and one in East End Market- Both are great for sitting and getting work done in a good energy environment

Easy Luck- Closer to Milk District. Super cool little spot and is in the same space as the beer bar and package store, Whippoorwill. I’m obsessed with their monotone bathrooms

Drunken Monkey- Also in the Milk District- More of an earthy crunchy kind of place. They have open mics and comedy nights. They also have sandwiches and vegan options as well

Breakfast & Brunch-

BUTTERMILK IS SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD- Winter Park. Be prepared to wait- the line can get pretty long. They’re great just to grab a pastry and a coffee or to sit down and have a tasty breakfast/brunch

Briarpatch- in Winter Park- Their raspberry, brie, french brioche is insanity. There’s also a farmer’s market nearby on Saturdays

Dovecote- Owned by the same people as The Courtesy. French restaurant. amazing food. Best brunch in town. Business casual.

First Watch- It’s a chain, but it’s consistent, the people are friendly and their food is good. This is a great “mom spot.”

P is for Pie- “They now have a breakfast/lunch thing and it’s good!” Thanks for the addition, Jen! This is in Audubon Park- Near Redlight!

Dovecote- Downtown Orlando

Dovecote- Downtown Orlando

Se7en Bites- Milk District

Se7en Bites- Milk District


Black Bean Deli- the location on Colonial is really cool mid-mod clean vibe. Great coffee and bites

East End Market- Lots of cool local establishments all in one building. Nice place to grab a coffee and grab a bite. It’s in Audubon Park. 

Pig Floyd’s BBQ great bbq. I’ve never been but I hear it’s great all of the time. There’s one in the Mill’s 50 District and also in Lake Nona. The Courtesy serves it for free on Sunday’s happy hour

Swine & Sons- The bestttt. Good for late brunch or lunch, afternoon business meetings. They also have a location in the Orlando Airport- kinda- Their sister restaurant Cask & Larder.

GreenBeat- Build your own salads. Easy. Casual. Healthy.

Comfort Food-

Se7en Bites- Seriously indulgent but oh so delicious. Not open Sunday or Monday

Pizza Bruno- Hourglass District

Pizza Bruno- Hourglass District


Prato- Upscale casual. Fresh italian. Delish. Winter Park

Black Rooster Tacos on Mills and then Guesthouse while you’re waiting. There’s also outdoor seating there and an outdoor bar in a little travel trailer. They have events from time to time, but it’s just a great place to gather

PIZZA BRUNO- Can’t emphasize this enough. Best pizza in Orlando. It gets pretty busy, but it’s definitely worth the wait. They don’t really have a phone number and you can’t order online. Ya gotta just go in

King Bao- Casual/snacky delicious little baby bao buns. Lite bites. Good if you’re not starving, but need a nosh

Ravenous Pig- Arguably Orlando’s best restaurant. Nominated for a James Beard award so I’m not just yankin’ your chain

The Courtesy- Downtown Orlando

The Courtesy- Downtown Orlando


The Courtesy- Best cocktails in Orlando without a doubt

Hanson’s Shoe Repair- Speakeasy in a cool, cozy environment

BauHouse (under Hanson’s)- Arguably overlooked because everyone skips it to go to Hanson’s but it’s not to be skipped

The Woods- low key, relaxed cocktail bar. Kind of hidden. It’s upstairs above The Lodge. One of my favorite hideaways

Guesthouse- GREAT little vibey cocktail bar in the Mills District- They have nice outdoor bar and seating as well. You have to have Black Rooster tacos next door too!

Imperial- is a cool antique shop and wine/beer bar- sometimes they have live music. It’s a unique place- locations in Orlando, Sanford and Winter Park


Beer & Breweries-

Redlight Redlight- Beer and wine bar. Always has events and interesting selections.

Sideward- Milk Districts newest addition. Their branding is dope, and the beers I’ve had have been great.

I’m sure there are more, I just haven’t been to them

Leguminati- Hourglass District

Leguminati- Hourglass District


Sanctum- Really great place to grab dinner. If you’re wanting to test the waters of fine vegan eating- this is a great place to start.

Wild & Proper- Owned by the same people who run Sanctum. I haven’t been, but I imagine that if Sanctum is that good, that Wild & Proper is pretty good too.

Dandelion Cafe- Great little tea and lunch spot. Outdoor seating. A great place to read a book or catch up with friends.

Leguminati- They’re like the fast food of vegan world. Their crunchwrap is pretty legit tho. I prefer the OG, but the Cali one is a big hit.

Wekiva State Park

Wekiva State Park

Other Stuff-

Wekiva Island- this is a little bit of a hike- In Longwood- but it’s so fun! It’s a bar on a river connected to the springs. You can rent canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. Also- fun fact- they’re working on trying to zero out their carbon footprint and are super on track to do so! There are also cabanas for rent as well.

You can also rent canoes and kayaks at Wekiva Springs State Park.

If you get real wild you can check out some eateries and fun stuff in Sanford. They have airboat tours on the St. John’s.

For a afternoon/night out I recommend Celery Brewery for beers. Old Jailhouse Sanford for dins. Bitters & Brass for cocktails. There’s also a waterfront over there and lots of thrift shops.

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