These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things:

Daffodil Weekend: I just love Daffy Weekend. I love the flowers, the weather is (generally) really starting to feel like spring and the island starts to come alive again. The restaurants start to open and every one is excited that there shouldn't be another drop of snow!

Off Season Dinner Parties: As much as I love spring and lovely weather, I love what the offseason brings. Everything settles down and you actually have time to hang out with your friends. A lot of places close down in the winter, so it gives you a chance to have some really nice dinner parties and catch up with everyone you didn't get a chance to see in the summer.

Late Season Bioluminescence: If you've never heard of this or experienced it. Holy-moly. Check it out. It's like swimming with lightening bugs.

The bioluminescence look something like this.

The bioluminescence look something like this.

Nantucket Bookworks: This has to be one of the most charming book stores I've ever been in. You just want to curl up with a book as soon as you step inside. Their sister book store on Main St. is just as darling, and it's a certified 'Green Building'. 

The Bean: A Nantucket staple. This sweet little coffee shop is hidden if you don't know what you're looking for. They have a great coffee & tea selection, and an cozy little seating area where countless great minds have gathered up for serious business meetings and gossip.

Centre Street Bistro: Don't ask questions, just go. Their breakfast, lunch & dinners are always AMAZING. They are priced fairly and the seating is tight. If you didn't find The Bean, you definitely wont find this little charm.

Summer Farmer's Market: If you want truly unique Nantucket gifts for your friends and family, this is the place to get them. Sustainable Nantucket puts this weekly event together in town (Saturdays) and mid-island (Tuesdays) where tons of talented local artist put their goods up for sale. Hopefully you will find Grey Clothing Co. out there ;)

Fresh Flowers: There is this cute little flower cart parks itself on Main St. along with Bartlett's fresh veggies. I just love being able to pick out a beautiful arrangement of fresh Nantucket blooms.

40th Pole Beach Barbecues: For all of the obvious reasons. This is off the beaten path. You're going to have to make friends with locals to learn about this one.

Cisco Brewery: Everyone's go to after a long day at the beach or the office. The stone patio and selection of libations is so care free and inviting. All ages are welcome and make sure to bring your pups along, but they close around 7 so make sure to get there early!

Milestone Road with the windows down and the music up: Because, obviously.

The Box: The Chicken Box. The last stop. My general rule is not to get there before 11pm, unless there is an awesome band playing. In the summer this place gets pACKed, so if crowds aren't your thing, you probably shouldn't go sober. 

Juice Bar: Because ice cream, that's why. 

Make sure you're on 'island time' when you go. Sometimes the line wraps around the building, but that handmade goodness is soooo worth it.

Make sure you're on 'island time' when you go. Sometimes the line wraps around the building, but that handmade goodness is soooo worth it.

Atheneum: Which is a fancy word for library. It's super charming. It smells how a library should smell. The courtyard is a lovely spot to let your kids run around or chill out and read a book. They also have TONS of DVDs.

Bartlett's Farm: An awesome spot to grab a snack before you go to The Brewery or even just grab some fresh produce. A little pricey, but always worth it. Especially their fresh sandwiches & daily pastry and baked goods.

Island Kitchen: I've been working Sundays here for the last few months, and I just can't say enough great things about it. Their food is always amazing and you always feel welcome. Word on the street is that there is going to be a neat Bloc Party on Monday nights during the summer, and they have a super cute little patio.