Domenica RohrbornComment

Sooo I'm taking a road trip..

Domenica RohrbornComment

When People ask me what I'm doing and where I'm going I'm like "I have no idea what I'm doing, I just feel like I have to do it." 

I'm building my cocoon. 

I'm terrified.

I have NO idea what i'm getting into. I have no idea who I'm going to meet or if all of my grand visions will even go slightly as according to plan (they never usually do). I'm just really excited to be off of the island, make new friends and visit old ones, check out some new places, come up with some new designs and just figure my shit out! (whatever that means).

In some of the key stopping spots, I have reached out to some of my favorite screen print shops and friends that own creative business that are doing things that I dream of doing. I want to spend some time talking with them, learning from them, expanding my creative network and geeking out about design, entrepreneurship and screen printing!

Stay tuned as I feature a new business/artist/designer for the next couple of weeks showcasing their talents and my favorite- their studios. 

Also make sure to follow along on my YouTube Channel that I'm updating along the journey!