Go With the Flow!

When I say 'we' in any of my social media posts or blog entries, I pretty much mean all of the versions of 'me' that it's taking to get things done around here. I'm a one woman shop here on this tiny little island. I go from designer, to printer, marketing department, to sales & administration, purchasing, shipping & delivery- the list goes on. A lot goes into making a tee shirt! 'We' can also mean the people I trust to help me do what I do. The USPS is definitely a part of that. My friends and family that help push me along when all I want to do is give up. On top of starting a neat little tee shirt brand I also nanny part time and am still a part time slave to the service industry. I'm pretty sure that will always be hard to give up because it's so much fun and I make great networking connections!

I'm working on a 'vlog' or 'video blog' for anyone who had no idea what 'vlog' mean until recently (aka-me). I think it's super interesting how small businesses grow, and since I am as small as it gets I would like to pass along some of the information i've gathered and what I learn along the way (a lot). You don't have to know everything to start. You just have to start. You'll learn along the way, and if I can help anyone who wants to start get a move on or inspire anyone, in some small way- I will be happy. 

My good friend Jimmy gave me a book ('40 Hour Workweek' to be exact), and he wrote the quote "many a false step is made by standing still". Along with that, I have sticky notes all over my desk and apartment with things to help me keep moving forward, one of which being "if you build it, they will come!" It's so true! You're dreams aren't going to come true if you aren't actively pursuing them. Continue to make small steps every day and work towards small goals and you can be on your way to a life you've always dreamed of. 

My messy creative space with inspiration wall and projects I'm working on.

My messy creative space with inspiration wall and projects I'm working on.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself, and so far all of the pieces are falling into place.

Good luck to everyone who is actively following their dreams. May hard work pave your way to good luck and success!