Live free, work hard & follow your dreams.

A big part of Grey Clothing Company is design, and an even bigger part of it is positive-motivational thinking and a strong business sense. 

I believe in making dreams come true. I believe in working hard to achieve those dreams- no matter how crazy they seem. I believe in never giving up. I believe that if you don’t sit and think to your self “what the hell am I doing?” at least once a week, that you’re doing it wrong. That every success comes from a failure, and most lessons are learned the hard way. 

I want everyone to feel passionate about something. It’s in you. It might be the craziest thing or the easiest thing you could possibly think of, but it’s worth pursuing. Sometimes you need to dig deep and sometimes it’s laying on the surface waiting to be put into motion. 

Success will never happen overnight, and sometimes that overwhelmed feeling is just the push you need to get your shit in order and make things happen. 

Live free, work hard & follow your dreams.


peace & love,