Dream Big

Dream Big
Amazing photographs by surf photographer  Jon Nimerfroh

Amazing photographs by surf photographer Jon Nimerfroh

We had the most amazing photo shoot the other week. We went down to Bartlett's Farm Flower Fields in the morning, the weather was gorgeous and the flowers were amazing! 

I've recently been thinking about how much has changed and how far I've come in my little business journey. Ever since I started following my passions I've been introduced and have become really great friends with amazing people who just want to help. Not because it helps them, not because they want some story of how they did this or that, but because they genuinely want to see you succeed and can help each other with the skills they have obtained over their own personal journey. It's like a big trade network of friends. Now that I am a business owner, I would offer the same help these amazing people have done with me while I'm on my way to figuring out exactly what it is that I'm doing and encourage others to do the same.

It's just really wonderful to know that you have people on your side, that you can work together and help each other grow as people and as thriving business'.

Follow your passions.

peace & love,