Keep Moving Forward.

It’s really important to have goals. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually, life, relationship, business, family, diet, friends, money… Goals for everything! 

It’s even more important to have things to work towards. It helps you to keep moving forward. Like a destination. Life is like a journey (cliche, I know). Every step you take makes that journey. Some steps are super easy- like breathing, it just comes naturally. Other steps challenge you and make you push harder and reach just a little bit further than you thought you ever could. Having goals is like those steps it helps you move along your journey so you can get to your final destination.

So, at the beginning of the season (I say season, because I live on an island and we survive on the summer season) I wrote down three goals that I really wanted to get to. First, I really really really needed a laptop. Mine had finally seen it’s final days, and I’ve been having a hard time getting things done without it. I have a desktop and it’s wonderful, but I really needed to be able to move around and take my work with me. 

My second goal was to book my trip to Costa Rica. It’s just always been somewhere I felt I needed to go. Not for any particular reason other than it’s a spanish speaking country and has a completely different terrain than I’m used to. It has coast and mountains and rainforest and it just gets me really exited even thinking about it!

The third goal was to get an Business American Express account. My dad always had an American Express card, and it just seemed like the king of credit cards. I’ve always been envious of people who paid with them at the restaurants I’ve worked at. Like it’s some kind of status symbol. That these people are trusted, responsible, and successful enough to spend as much money as they want and could afford to pay it off at the end of the month!

In order to reach these goals I had to make some game plans. The first one on the list was so much easier than I could imagine, and maybe whoever reads this can take a page from my book and give it a try. Are you ready for this? I got it for trade. Awesome, right? I’ve been ‘mom training’ (babysitting) for an amazing family pretty much since I moved out here. They have been one of the most influential parts of my success out here, and they also have a business, and I really needed a laptop. They asked me in the beginning of the season to help do a little bit of their business work, watch the girls more and help run a couple errands and I was like ‘sure!' So I asked them if they would help me out and buy me a laptop and I would work it off. They could still write it off as a legitimate business expense, I wouldn’t get taxed and I got my laptop sooner rather than later. This is actually how I got my screen printing press last year too. They know I will do the work to pay it off, they know I work hard, and I love being around them, so it was a no brainer. Boom! Laptop. Holy moly I’ve been 1000% more productive because of it.

Costa was a little easier. I need to have that goal to reach so I’m saving money for the trip in the off season. So when one of my first amazing checks came in, I went online- picked a date- got a one way ticket. The next goal is to save some money for the trip so I designed and printed Costa Rica- Nantucket tank tops to tie in together and save that money specifically for the trip.

You can help support this trip  here .

You can help support this trip here.

The Amex is the one I was most concerned about. I had a pretty bad dip in my credit and I’ve spent the last 4 years trying to turn it around. Still not the best, but majorly improved. I have one small personal credit card I try to just use for traveling and a business debit account. Recently, I have money coming in and out so much for business that it’s starting to get a little tough to get what I need when I need it because I have to wait for a check or a farmer’s market (especially when it rains and they cancel the farmer’s market), then pay rent and get supplies and pay vendors. The money is there, it’s just out making more money at the moment. So the last couple of weeks I’ve been checking my credit score and trying to figure out if I’d get shot down, and I finally just had to call and see. I’ll never know if I don’t try, right? Would they trust me? I had bad credit history. I was super nervous. What if I didn’t get it? I would have a mark against my credit I’ve been busting my butt to fix and would have taken a step back! So I gave it a shot anyways, and I got approved. I’m still a little shocked, but I’m so relieved. I can pay everyone on time and get the things I need to keep moving forward. I just need to make sure to stay responsible and on top of things, but it’s just nice to have that flexibility now.

What are your goals? Are you pursuing them? Do you have any tips on organizing them or specific goals you think could work universally?

I really like the way lululemon puts it. They really believe in goals and have lots of cool worksheets and videos that help inspire you to set and achieve them.

Keep moving forward and don’t give up!

Peace & love,