Sometimes, you just do things.

You don’t know why. You don’t know that it will lead anywhere, and you honestly just don’t really care.

You do it because there is an experience at the other end of it that will make up a tiny little piece of your life.

Can you believe this life?

Can you believe that out of all of the stuff floating around in space, you are lucky enough to take up this being for a short amount of time?

Think about it.

Think about space.

That’s so weird to say, but it wasn’t something I realllly thought about until recently. I mean, I had considered it, but it just seems too big to be real so it dwells in the back of my mind. But if you really think about it.

You just kind of find where you fit. And you may never fit. You just go with it. You do what you love to do because that’s the only thing you should do. Don't be practical. Don't be ‘normal’. Be your normal.

You’re perfect, exactly who you are, where you are. You can be perfect every step along the way you just have to accept it. Accept that you can change yourself. Challenge yourself. Make yourself the best version of what YOU want to be. WHO do you want to be? If you want to be a designer, you’re not going to get that way by sitting around by yourself on tumblr all day doing ‘research’. You have to make stuff. You have to stop researching, because it’s just an excuse to not produce. I use it all of the time.

You have to be active in your dreams for them to work for you. Luck doesn’t just happen to everyone. You develop into yourself at every moment of your life to place yourself in the position for luck to find you. Your dream life. You work for it. 

“Feel the fear and do it anyways.”